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Welcome to
Railside K9 Resort!

When you find you're unable to take your precious dog with you... don’t worry, we're here!

Railside K9 Resort is fully-licensed kennel service provider where we believe in treating every dog like family.

Dogs will be given a comfortable, specially-made kennel, designed for their warmth and comfort (no sleeping on pavement here). We have heating in the winter and fans for ventilation in the summer. Smaller dogs will be housed inside the house. We try to cater to each species' needs.

Dogs can play with other dogs and exercise in their large play areas during the day. Each day they'll have opportunities for plenty of exercise, with areas to play both inside and out.

Railside K9 Resort will have security cameras covering all areas both inside and outside. Our kennels are monitored with security cameras and the dogs are checked on frequently. The owners live onsite 24/7. All dogs will be outfitted with security tags on their collar to associate them with our kennel during their stay.

They'll enjoy their stay so much they probably won't want to leave! We believe in treating every dog like family.

sitting husky

Our Services


Dogs will be given plenty of opportunities for play, both inside and out. We have acres of property for them to explore as well as a pond if it's hot out.


Dogs will always be under observation from our security cameras and outfitted with tags during their stay here. We partner with a local veterinarian incase of any emergencies.

Daily food

Fresh water and food are always served in bowls. You can bring your dog food or you can purchase our special food if need be.


We've prepared a large confortable kennel for each dog with a vinyl cot for them to sleep on. Smaller breecs will be kept in-house

Why Choose Us?


Railside K9 Resort is fully equipped for ventilation and heating all year round. Our kennels are spacious and warm.


We take care to make sure dogs are happy in their environment. Dogs will be monitored at all times both inside and outside their kennel.

Great Value

Entrust your dog into our care & control for either day and or overnight stay(s) at value & competitive rates. You are welcome to call for further details

Emergency Services

We will take your dog to our trusted veterinarian and contact you for 24 hours if any health problems occur.

Contact Us Today

We are very happy to take your booking and help answer any of your questions. We'll be looking forward to meeting your dog!